Key Stage 2

Welcome to Key Stage 2

Key Stage Leader: Mrs Hales

Assistant Headteacher for KS2: Mrs Albutt

In key stage two, we are passionate about providing an inspiring and creative curriculum, which places first hand experiences at the heart of all learning. Using a combination of the new national framework and key skills, we ensure our children receive a tailored and challenging education.

As children move into key stage two there is more emphasis on developing specific skills: spellings, punctuation and grammar and mental maths, which are taught discretely and transferred across all subject areas.

Within key stage two, we currently have seven classes with children aged between eight and eleven years of age. 

The staff in each class are as follows:

Y3D/G – Class Teachers: Mrs Dilley/ Mrs Gardner & Teaching Assistant: Miss Heard

Y3H – Class Teacher: Mrs Hales and Teaching Assistants: Mrs McGregor, Miss Heald & Miss Wilson

Y4T – Class Teacher: Mrs Townsend and Teaching Assistant: Mrs Horton

Y5C – Class Teacher: Mrs Catto and Teaching Assistant: Mrs Shaw & Mrs Russell

Y5E – Class Teacher: Miss Elliott and Teaching Assistant: Ms Williams

Y6A – Class Teacher: Mrs Albutt and Teaching Assistants: Ms Bissell & Mrs Lang

Y6K – Class Teacher: Mrs Khan and Teaching Assistant: Miss Astle 

Reading is at the centre of our curriculum and each term whilst children are exploring a new topic, they will be introduced to a core text. These are a selection of carefully chosen texts for teachers to use when they are developing collections for their classrooms as part of their reading and literacy programmes. The books that we use demonstrate the key role that children’s literature can play across the curriculum, and in forwarding children’s progress as readers.  The books are chosen because they support children learning to read and in their development as readers. We believe that the use of high quality books within the reading curriculum is at the heart of a school’s successful approach to engage and support children to become motivated and independent readers.  If children enjoy reading, they read more frequently and become better readers.