music notes

The music curriculum at Flanderwell promotes a love of singing and performing throughout the year groups. All children at Flanderwell are given the opportunity to sing weekly through assembly times and also within topic themes. We have a focus of weekly singing assemblies too.  Children show enthusiasm and excitement when learning every new song.

Because we consider the voice to be the primary instrument at Flanderwell, children are taught musical skills such as rhythm and dynamics through singing.  Through carefully planned and structured lessons children are taught correct dictation, correct methods for breathing and using phrasing within musical sentences to express emotion. The new curriculum is split into several areas which are:-

  • Controlling sounds through singing and performing

  • Creating and developing musical ideas (composing)

  • Responding and reviewing (appraising)

  • Listening and applying knowledge and understanding

Children from the earliest stage are encouraged to sing, compose and perform using a range of tuned and un-tuned musical instruments. The school provides opportunities for children to showcase their talents in activities such as singing clubs and school performances.  Some Y5/6 children attended choir practice on a weekly basis in order to perform at a local community centre at Christmas.

The school also promotes the learning of musical instruments and we have many children learning woodwind through tuition in school. In addition all children throughout school learn how to play boom whackers and Y5 children learn how to play the recorder.

The year groups work well together to create productions to perform at Christmas and in the summer. Children playing instruments are encouraged to perform in assemblies and events throughout the year to show off their talents.

Our learning objectives are all take from the new national curriculum, which you can view by clicking on the followig link: