At Flanderwell we strongly believe that Science should help spark imagination, fuel curiosity and nurture inspired and confident young scientists. We know that children construct understanding of the world through experience. In order to make learning real children need to explore, ask questions, and assess their understanding. Our curriculum is based on a robust teaching and learning cycle that puts children and hands-on active learning at its heart and ensures progress for all.



We use Science Bug as part of our Science curriculum and this links with the New Primary Science Programme of Study.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


KS1 Working scientifically

LKS2 Working Scientifically

UKS2 Working Scientifically



Types of Animals


Parts of animals

(including humans) 



Feeding and Exercise

(including humans)


Living Things 2


Movement and Feeding (including humans)


Human Nutrition


Life Cycles


(including changes in humans)

Our Bodies (Circulation, healthy living and transport of water and nutrients)

Evolution and Inheritance




Living Things (Things that all living things have in common)


Dangers to Living Things


Grouping Living Things



Classifying living things


Plants (identifying and structure)


Growing Plants

Parts of a Plant

(structure and function)

What plants need




Comparing Materials


Identifying Materials

Changing Shape


Uses of Materials


Changes of State




Types of change







Rocks and Soils



Changing Seasons




Earth and Space





Changing circuits

Light and Shadows



Light and sound

Magnets and Forces





Follow the link below to view the full programme of study: