Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation  

At Flanderwell, we use the  RWInc spelling programme with pupils who have completed RWInc phonics and who are ready to begin to learn the range of spelling patterns for their year group – Y2-6.  The programme provides a range of different strategies for learning spellings and plenty of time for practice. Teachers teach a spelling focus throughout the week by working through 11 different activities with their pupils.

 More information can be found by visiting the following page.

To consolidate learning, we also use an interactive programme called Spelling Bug. This programme secures mastery as children are motivated again and again with hundreds of engaging practice games. To log in at home, the children can press on the link and enter their username and password. 


How do we teach grammar and punctuation?

  • We teach grammar in a way that is purposeful and meaningful. Some grammar sessions are discrete, but they are always part of a teaching sequence: play with a new skill, compose together and then the children can apply the new skill in their writing.


  • Reading, Reading, Reading! We do everything we can to enhance the love of reading. In class we discuss how the author uses a skill that we have recently been practising to enhance the text’s impact.


  •  Teachers demonstrate and model an enthusiasm and love for language.


  • We spend time returning to the new language skills to ensure mastery: hear it, speak it and write it in as many different contexts as possible.


  • We allow for plenty of collaborative learning. Children work in pairs to write a new skill, then swap and peer-assess and improve.


  • We use the correct terminology when teaching grammar, and use it when marking, giving feedback and setting targets. Children use it in self-and peer assessment.

Spelling Bug also includes activities for practising grammar and punctuation skills and is used to support learning in and out of the classroom. 

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