Religious Education is a legal entitlement for every pupil. Its place in our school curriculum acknowledges the important role which beliefs and values play in people’s lives and that religious beliefs and practices are as important in the lives of as many people worldwide today as they have been throughout history. RE offers pupils an opportunity to develop a better understanding of themselves, the people around them and the world in which they live.

We follow the Rotherham Agreed Syllabus which sets out the aims and programmes of study for RE. The religions we cover are Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. 

Click the following link to access the Rotherham Agreed Syllabus


Our school works closely with St Albans Church and Rev Peter Hughes, and a close link with the church community is encouraged through worship, commitments and the marking of important celebrations within the Christian calendar, including Easter, Harvest and Christmas. The children are also encouraged to help the wider community and to support local and national charities.St Alban’s church group “Open the book” bring bible stories alive for our children through interactive storytelling by using drama and costumes to inspire the children.

Pupils learn about and from Christianity in depth and also about and from other principle religions represented in Britain. RE provides our pupils with opportunity to learn about other world faiths as they develop a sense of fairness and justice for all whatever their background and wherever they live. Our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education reinforces the children’s appreciation of others and their rights.