Year6 Spellings

We will have daily spelling sessions, where we will either be working through out RWI Spelling booklet or on our Y5/6 spelling list during ‘Zappers’ sessions.  

The focus of our Year 6 spelling units are outlined in the table below:

Year 6 RWI Spellings

Unit 1

Adding suffixes

fuss sprint rest jump hunt rent risk ask rust buzz

(ed, est, ing, ly, er)

Unit 2

Adding suffixes

trade cycle grime fade create fame tickle persuade confide appreciate 

(tion, ing, ly, ous)

Unit 3

Adding suffixes

achieve amaze beauty careful deceit definite flavour gentle

(ment, ful, ly, less)

Unit 4

Adding suffixes

admit begin commit forbid forget fun permit prefer refer regret stop wet

(ance, ed, en, est er)

Unit 5

Adding suffixes  

apply beautiful busy copy cry happy heavy hurry mystery rely reply spy try

(ied, ly, ness, er)

Unit 6

sh sound spelt ti or ci

direction explanation competition cautious especially appreciate ancient delicious spacious motion station  subtraction

Unit 7

sh sound spelt si or ssi

admission Asia collision comprehension confession decide discussion expanded explosion impression permission possession profession progression revision tension vision

Unit 8

Silent letters

autumn calm climb climbed column crumb doubt doubting gnarled gnaw gnawing gnome

Unit 9

Spellings ei and ie

achieve believe conceive ceiling deceive mischievous niece perceive piece protein receive relief shriek

Unit 10

Ending in -ible and –able

adorable comfortable considerable dependable possible visible reasonable reliable responsible terrible suitable understandable

Unit 11

Plural nouns  

addresses bonuses boxes coaches  compasses dictionaries dishes identities matches opportunities parties peaches

Unit 12

Plural nouns

buffaloes calves deer echoes geese heroes lives loaves mosquitoes people potatoes scarves thieves wolves woman

Please find below a link for the spellings list that your child is currently in the process of completing so that you can further support them at home. Thank you. ☺
Y5-6 Spellings List

Y3-4 Spellings List

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