Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Throughout this term, in History we will focusing on The Early Islamic Civilisation and in Geography we will be learning about the continent of North America.

English: We will be completing a poetry unit, during which we will study several poems with the theme of ‘the moon’.  We will then write our own moon-inspired poems. We will continue to follow the Pathways to Write programme, where all of our learning will be based from the text, ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ by Carol Ann Duffy.  

Maths: We will continue to develop our skills, logic and reasoning in the following areas:

  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions

Science: Earth and Space – We will be learning about the bodies in our solar system, why we have day and night and the phases of the moon.  We will be visiting the National Space Centre this half term.

Art: Drawing – We will be looking perspective and vanishing point in the works of Van Gogh and Dali.  This will inspire us to create our own drawings which show perspective.

Geography: North America –We will use maps and atlases to learn about and use lines of longitude and latitude and locate countries in North America. We will investigate the key geographical features of the continent of North America.  We will study what makes North America an interesting place to live.

History: The Early Islamic Civilisation We will look at the importance of the city of Baghdad, what trade was like, the importance of education and study and Islamic art.

RE: Theme: Beliefs and Practices

       Key Question: Is the Christmas story true?

       Religion: Christianity


Computing: Video Editing

PE: Hockey and Cross Country Running

Music: Melody and harmony in music – How does music connect with our past? 

French: En famille: We will be learning how to describe our families through the use of the Language Angels website. 

PSHE: Celebrating Difference – We will considering and celebrating what makes us all different, including thinking about our own and others’ cultures, discrimination and bullying.