Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1

English: Firstly, we will begin with a poetry unit entitled, The Family Album, before we commence with our Pathways to Write scheme of work, where all of our learning will be based from the text, Gorilla by Anthony Brown.

MathsWe will continue to develop our skills, logic and reasoning in Place Value and Addition/ Subtraction 

Science: Animals, including humans and the digestive system. 

Art: Drawing – Contour line drawing

Computing: The internet

D&T: Food – Healthy and varied diet 

French: -Les Legumes (vegetables)

Geography: Rivers

History: Ancient Egypt

Music: Musical structures – How Does Music Bring Us Together?

PE: Football and Gymnastics

PSHE: Being Me in My World

RE: Judaism – How special is the relationship Jews have with God?

RSE: Growing Up – Changes/ What is puberty/ Healthy Relationships

Times Tables Checker

By the end of year 4, children are expected to know all the times tables up to 12 x 12.  This will be completed through quick warm ups at the beginning of our Maths lessons, quickfire questions throughout the day, everyday word problems in classroom situations e.g. If there are 10 tables and each has 2 chairs at them, how may chairs would be needed?

In year 4, the government requires all children to complete a Times Tables test online. This will happen in June 2023 for our current Year 4 children. At Flanderwell, we aim to provide as much support, teaching and guidance as we can to help make our pupils feel confident in their times tables, this is why we have given each child a login for both Reflex Maths and TT Rockstars, where fun interactive times tables games are accessible for children to learn their multiplication tables in the comfort of their homes and allow them to share their knowledge with friends when battling against each other on TT Rockstars.

Reflex Maths

Your child was issued a login for Reflex Maths in Year 3, all the data and progress that your child gained from this has been stored and will continue as they move in to year 4. As a school, we ask that your child completes the activities on this program 3 times a week, for 15mins (until the little blue light in the right corner turns green). The data from this program will allow me to see areas I need to focus on in class to ensure that your child receives the personalised learning that they need.

Please continue to encourage your child to complete their Reflex Maths times tables check at home. Once your child has achieved 100% on their Reflex Maths, they can continue to use TT Rockstars (below).

TT Rockstars is a great way for your child to learn their times tables in a fun way, battling it out with others, beating their previous times and making their way to becoming an ultimate Rock Legend. 

Thank you for your cooperation, I know that your children can and will achieve their very best and I will be here every step of the way to support them with this journey in their learning.

Useful Links

TT Rockstars

Reflex Maths

White Rose- 1 Minute Maths