Year 3 Spellings


Our Year 3 Spelling Rules are:

Unit 1: adding prefixes dis- and in-

Unit 2: adding im- to root words beginning with m or p

Unit 3: adding the suffix -ous 

Unit 4: adding the suffix -ly

Unit 5: words ending with -ture

Unit 6: Adding -ation to verbs to form nouns

Unit 7: Words with the ‘c’ sound spelt ‘ch’

Unit 8: words with the ‘sh’ sounds spelt ‘ch’ 

Unit 9: adding the suffix -ion

Unit 10: adding the suffix -ian

Unit 11: adding the prefix re-

Unit 12: adding the prefix anti-

Unit 13: adding the prefix super-

Unit 14: adding the prefix sub-

Below is a copy of the Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Word List from Twinkl.