Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Focus of learning this term

English learning this term will begin with the poem ‘Zebra Questions’ to inspire children to write their own poetry. Our long study will be based on the story ‘Monster Swap’, enabling children to study story characters and describe aspects of the story setting.  

This term Maths will begin with a unit of work focusing on Place Value, focused on two-digit numbers and understanding the tens and ones within these numbers to enable children to read and write and make two-digit numbers with concrete resources and visual representations. 

Plants will be the focus of our Science learning this term.  As design technologists we will focus on mechanisms, embarking on a toy making project, involving investigation of wheels and axles.  In Computing we will be learning about computer systems and networks, with a focus on information technology around us.  In PSHE we will study aspects of ‘being me in my world’ and begin to develop the children’s sense of belonging.  RE will study the Christian story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ and explore what does it mean to be kind and a good friend.  As geographers we will learn about the oceans and continents within our world.   Music will be exploring simple patterns and develop our rhythm.  In PE lessons we will be developing some fundamental skills, including ways to travel and developing a range of controlled jumping, hopping and skipping techniques.