Year 3H

year 3

Class Teacher: Mrs L Hales

Artwork by Amelia

Teaching Assistant: Miss L Williams

Artwork by Ava

Autumn 2: Autumn 2 Curriculum Newsletter

Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter (1)

Hello and welcome back after Christmas, we do hope you’ve had a lovely break and spend some quality time with your families. After our restful break, we have recharged our batteries and are ready to kick start our new topic of…

Tribal Tales

Imagine standing outside your home, now imagine what it would be like 5000 years ago; no technology, no central heating, no pre-packed food etc. This term we are heading back in time and see how people during the Stone Age survived. How did they hunt for their meals? Build houses? Make weapons? And under the strains of colder climates that we see today. Join us as we head out on this epic adventure back in time!

What do I need?

Day of the Week

What I need to bring to school?


Reading Diary

Reading Book

Spelling Log


Reading Diary

Reading Book

Homework Book

Spelling Log


Reading Diary

Reading Book

Please wear PE Kit to school

Spelling Log


Reading Diary

Reading Book

Please wear PE Kit to school

Scheme Book

Spelling Log


Reading Diary

Reading Book

Spelling Log


PE will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

This term’s P.E is Basketball and Dance. Mrs Horton will take the Wednesday afternoon PE session, as it is my PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time. Within this session she will focus on Basketball. The Thursday session (Dance) will be led by myself.

Full PE kit must be worn and that includes, a white t-shirt, black shorts or jogging bottoms, a sensible pair of trainers and a drink (during the cold seasons it is advisable to bring a jumper).

Children with their ears pierced must remove their earrings for each P.E session themselves or alternatively they will need at have plasters in their P.E bags to protect their ears during physical activity. Long hair must be tied back. Due to COVID-19 please send your child into school wearing their PE kits to school, this will reduce the risk of cross-contamination of clothing whilst getting dressed. The more physical PE session is in the afternoon, so there should be no reason for the worry of children being in the same clothes for too long after physical exercise. 


Homework will always be math focused and is sent out on a Friday and must be returned by the following Wednesday.

Children are expected to read at least three times at home with an adult. Each read should be logged in the reading diary, and brought in to school everyday so that their reads can be counted. Awards are given for 50, 100, 200, 250 reads.

Spellings will be sent home weekly, please help your child to learn these spellings and discuss the different rules with them at home. This can be done if the words are spotted in their reading book or if they use one of the spelling rules in a conversation etc. 

Active Learn – Every child has an active learn username and password. I will upload activities and games for them to complete and any videos which I think will support their home learning, so that you can watch them and hopefully they will support with home learning. 

Times Tables

By the end of year 3, children are expected to know the following times tables: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10.  This will be completed through quick warm ups at the beginning of our Maths lessons, quickfire questions throughout the day, everyday word problems in classroom situations e.g. If there are 10 tables and each has 2 chairs at them, how may chairs would be needed?

Our focus of times tables throughout the Spring Term are as follows:

WC: 04.01.21 – Gold 4 Times Tables

WC: 11.01.21 – Bronze 8 Times Tables

WC: 18.01.21 – Silver 8 Times Tables

WC: 25.01.21 – Gold 8 Times Tables

WC: 01.02.21 – Review of 4 and 8 times tables

WC: 08.02.21 – Bronze 3 Times Tables


WC: 22.02.21 – Silver 3 Times Tables

WC: 01.03.21 – Gold 3 Times Tables

WC: 08.03.21 – Review of 8 and 3 times tables

WC: 15.03.21 – 4 times Tables revision

WC: 22.03.21 – 8 times Tables revision


TT Rockstars is a great way for your child to learn their times tables in a fun way, battling it out with others, beating their previous times and making their way to becoming an ultimate Rock Legend. 


We shall focus on the following rules throughout this term:

WC: 04.01.21 – Adding the prefixes dis- and in-

WC: 11.01.21 – Adding im- to root words beginning with m and p

WC: 18.01.21 – Orange Word Focus (common exception words)

WC: 25.01.21 – Adding the suffix -ous

WC: 01.02.21 – Adding the suffix -ly

WC: 08.02.21 – Words ending in -ture


WC: 22.02.21 – Homophones work and Common exception words

WC: 01.03.21 – Adding –ation to verbs to form nouns

WC: 08.03.21 – Words with the c sound spelt ch

WC: 15.03.21 – Words with sh sound spelt ch

WC: 22.03.21 – The short i sound spelt y and common exception words


Useful Links

TT Rockstars

Active Learn

Spring dates for your diary:

04.01.2021 – Return to school

11.02.2021 – Break up for Half Term

12.02.2021 – INSET DAY

22.02.2021 – Return to School

26.03.2021 – Break up for Easter