Year 2G

year 2



               Teacher : Mrs. L Gardner
   Teaching Assistant: Mrs Stacey 

We loved celebrating World Book Day. Check our gallery out to see our ‘word’ outfits.


We had a fantastic time when Captain Darling cam to visit our school visit! Please have a look in our gallery at some of our pictures from the day. 

Below I have briefly listed our routines and procedures.

Our Topic this term is….


Our topic this term is ‘One Giant Step’, which is all about Space.

As Scientists, we will be learning about Healthy Living. As part of this, we will focus on food groups, heathy diets and food chains.

As Artists, we will be developing our skills using a variety of media, in order to recreate planets, sew constellations and recreate astronaut portraits.

As Historians, we will be investigating significant people and points from History such as Neil Armstrong and the Moon Landing as well as more recent events such as Tim Peake and Helen Sharman.



Throughout this half term, we will be looking at a variety of topics linked to place value, addition, subtraction, shape and measure and problem solving.

As always, we will be following the abacus scheme of work to ensure skills coverage and continuity.


P.E days are: Tuesday and Thursday.

This term please provide indoor and outdoor PE kit.  Kit should include comfortable shorts and a t-shirt for indoors and jogging bottom/tracksuit for outdoors. Children with ears pierced must remove their earrings for each PE session or alternatively they will need to have plasters/surgical tape in their P.E bag to protect their ears.

It is part of their school routine and policy that children have a P.E kit. It is handy if they bring it to school on Monday and take it home on Friday. That way it is in school no matter what. On the odd occasion your child may forget their kit they will be given spare kit held in school.


                    Remember on your way to school…


Monday  Book bag,and diary
Tuesday PE kit, book bag and diary
Wednesday homework file,  Book bag and diary 
Thursday Book bag and diary  and PE Ki
Friday reading scheme book to change. Book bag and diary



                             Remember on your way home…



Homework is regularly sent out every Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday.  Please hand in maths homework in the plastic school bag provided.  


In Y2 the children will begin to be taught the RWI spelling scheme which will include spelling patterns and rules (green words) aswell as tricky red words ( common exception words). Green words will be tested Monday and Red words are tested Friday.


In Year 2, we want to create a love of reading and children who are motivated to read because they choose books which they are interested in.


This year your children will have two books to go home with- one will be a free choice book that your child has chosen independently from their colour band box and the other will be a reading scheme book .

Free choice

This book can be changed at any time by your child or an adult using our colour band boxes located by the door.

Reading scheme books

This book aims to challenge your child even further and will be changed every Friday by Mrs Stacey.

Please ensure you hand these in every week on Friday.



Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has their full PE kit including, a t-shirt and shorts on both days. As the weather becomes cooler, children may also  bring a pair of track suit bottoms and a hooded top, if required. Long hair must be tied back and earrings need to be removed prior to the session. For newly pierced ears, plasters or micro pore tape must be provided.                        

Image result for pe kit

Termly Topic Themes


Autumn 1 and 2 –  The Enchanted Castle

Spring 1 and 2 – One Giant Step

Summer 1  and 2 – Out of Africa
(Animals and culture)

General Notes

Just a few notes so you are aware of what to expect in our classroom. J

  • Morning jobs will be displayed either on the IWB or on the white board to the side. I plan and adapt these daily in reflection of the children’s learning that day.
  • Tasks will mainly focus on writing, spelling or maths. However, it may be appropriate sometimes for children to use this time to complete the previous day’s learning. I may also ask the children to look at their moving forwards steps (indicated by a        drawn in their books). The children then respond to this using their purple power pens. Moving forward tasks may involve checking answers, spellings or completing yesterday’s learning task.
  • Water bottles: We recommend that children bring a bottle with fresh water (not flavoured drinks) to drink each day. You will now find the water bottle box, clearly labelled under the cloakroom area benches. Under the benches you will also find the reading scheme book box and a box for lunch bags.
  • As you walk into the classroom on your right are the colour-banded books and to the left is a set of shelves with baskets. On there you will find lost property and letters home.
  • Safe collection: Please remember to inform us if someone else will be collecting your child.  If there is a late change to arrangements please call the school office.

Morning job: 8:45-8:55am each morning                 Registration: 8:55am each morning

Last day of the half term: Friday 27th October.