Flanderwell Primary School

Year 2B

year 2

Teacher: Mrs. Brock       Teaching Assistant: Miss Rogers

Week commencing 6.7.20 and 13.7.20

Maths activity booklet to revise Year 2 objectives-

Extra optional Maths challenge

English activity booklet to revise Year 2 objectives-

You can complete the booklets at your child’s own pace. There are a selection of easier and more difficult challenges. See below for guidance on how to break up the activities for the last two weeks. 

Monday 6th July

Maths- Summertime Colour by Calculations and 2D shape picture.

English- Aziz’s Beach- Read the text for Reading session and answer the questions for Writing session.

Tuesday 7th July

Maths- Multiplication Summer Mosaic and I Spy counting in words and numerals

English- Barbecue Suffixes Plate Up and Holidays Past and Present

Wednesday 8th July

Maths- Holiday Time! Time problems and Counting in multiples

English- Victorians at the seaside comprehension- read and answer questions

Thursday 9th July

Maths- Summer Holiday Code Breaker

English- Bucket and Spade Match Up and Summer Suffixes Fortune Teller

Friday 10th July

Maths- Summer Fruity Fractions

English-  Lovely Apostrophe Lollies and Sandcastle Crossword

Monday 13th July

Maths- Place Value Code Breaker and Summer Holiday Board Game

English- Holiday Packing List

Tuesday 14th July

Maths- Complete the sequence and create a time tables poster for your 2, 5 and 10 times table. Challenge- Create a poster for the 3 times table. 

English- The Wind and Sun Comprehension- read and answer questions.

Wednesday 15th/ Thursday 16th/ Friday 17th (optional extras for the days your child is not in school). 

Maths- The Mystery of the Sandcastle Stamper game (see above for the link)

English- Write a letter to your new teacher, describing who you are and things you like doing. 

Suggested websites for home learning