World Oceans Day!

World Oceans Day takes place in June every year! It’s a chance for all of us to think about why oceans are important, and how we can help look after them. People all over the world take part by planning events to help raise awareness of the importance of World Oceans Day.


Questions to think about…

Whose job is it to look after our seas and oceans?

Do you know why seas and oceans are important to all of us?

Can you guess how plastic and oil end up in the ocean and what effect they might have when there?


So…how can we help? 

Problem – Huge amounts of rubbish end up in our seas and oceans, damaging marine life and polluting the water.

Solutions – Take litter home after a visit to the beach (leave only your footprints).

                                                                  – Don’t flush plastic items down the toilet.

                                                                  – Recycle and reuse.

Enjoy discussing these questions with your grown ups and think about how you can help keep our oceans and seas safe.

Mrs Cartledge X