Flanderwell Primary School

What an achievement!

Well done to all pupils who have achieved READING AWARDS this year. We have had the most Governor Awards this year, since introducing them a few years ago and certainly an increased drive from pupils to read at home. The Governor Award is presented to pupils who have read 250 times between September and July – there were over 40 this year!

ATTENDANCE MATTERS – On Friday 19th July, pupils will have the chance to visit the attendance shop. All children may select a prize from the selections based upon the level of their attendance. Children achieving 100% received a prize, this morning, from Sitwell Rotary Club. Footballs were donated and signed by R.U.F.C and names were pulled from all the 100% attendees. EXCELLENT!

We would like to thank Sitwell Rotary Club, Rotherham United (including Vinnie) for their support for our school this year. We really value and appreciate their support.