Spring 2 F2N


We absolutely looooovvve our topic on Space! Children learn all about our Solar system and each of the individual planets within it. Here children gain an in depth knowledge of the special features of each plant and are able to impress us all with their detailed facts. Why not ask your child at home – you will be amazed at how much they know. Children also learn the order of the planets using the acronym 'My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizza's!'.

During this topic children create their own 'Space Scene' artwork whereby we use paint spraying, printing and colour mixing techniques to create the effect of a galaxy. The children's amazing non-fiction writing about each planet will also added to the scene. Finally, children use pastels and coloured chalks to shade and blend the different captivating colours and landscape features of each individual planet. The finished result of the 'Space Scenes' are truly breathtaking, please come and have a look at some examples of them on our 'Space' display board in class.

In addition, we used the platform of 'Space' to teach mathematical concepts such as halving and doubling. Using our spectacular 'galaxy dough' and marbles to act as our planets we create two solar systems and halve the 'planets' by sharing between bother systems. Astronauts and space shuttles with pincer grip helps in our practical understanding of doubling.

Musically, we focused on 'Holst' and his depiction of the planets honing in on a different planetary piece weekly. From this children are able to compose their own music adapting their pitch, tempo, instrument choice and note selection to suit the planet they choose to 'imagine' through music.

Stay tuned for more updates!