Spring 1

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During this topic we will be directing our focus across many areas including non-fiction learning on the Arctic and Antarctica and the different species of animals that live there. Children will be learning multiple facts about these animals, namely Polar Animals (snowy owl, arctic fox, arctic hare, polar bear, harp seal, caribou, lemming, arctic wolf, walrus, penguins and many more) and how they are specifically adapted to the harsh life of the Poles. Here children will create simple 'Frozen World' brochures, Arctic Animal collages and Cinquain poetry'. Please ask your child about this learning – you will be amazed how much they know!

We will also be looking at the Inuit community and comparing it to that of our own, exploring the differences in culture and traditions and how they have adapted their lives to manage the Arctic conditions.IMG_2441

Through this topic we will also be developing our learning on looking after our environment including climate change, and how what we do has a direct impact on the world. Including how we can help preserve life in the Arctic/Antarctic. Here children will learn about simple things they can do to help such as not wasting water, turning off unnecessary electron devices and recycling. We will be creating appeal posters to display around school.

We will also explore the fictional story of 'The Snow Queen' (the traditional tale from which Disney based the modern popular feature 'Frozen'). Children here will be story ordering, character profiling and exploring alternative story endings.

This topic also gives opportunity for children to widen their scientific knowledge. We will be focusing on changing states – children will perform experiments using ice, bicarbonate paste, jelly, chocolate ice cream and many more. Please keep checking for photographs and updates on our findings!

Throughout our topic do not hesitate to come in and explore all of our areas of learning, there you will find 'Challenge cards' which outline the expected learning each area is set out to provoke via a variety of key questioning. Here you will find out more about our expectations of learning and how you can prompt your own childs learning to help us in the classroom.

Keep checking for new posts and updates on our exciting topic for this half term!IMG_2437IMG_2439 (1)

Mrs Noon (Foundation Leader).