RETURN TO SCHOOL – update 2nd September

Good evening everyone,
We are really looking forward to tomorrow.
Just a few things to add to what has already been sent out toyou…

Please see the letter dated 25th August for year group arrivaltimes and the finer details of our return toschool.

All teachers and teaching assistants will be present on the playground to meet and greet pupils as they arrive through the school gate – FS2/KS1 – lower-playground gate/KS2 – upper-playground gate.
Additional staff will be on hand to invite pupils through the gatesand into their class lines.

Foundation Stage pupils should enter through the larger, lower-playground gates (right hand side) and KS1(Y1 and Y2) pupils should enter through the usual lower- playground gate.
From class lines, all pupils will be escorted to classrooms.

Pupils in KS2 will filter through onto the upper playground from the main school gate and join their teachers in class lines.

DEPARTURE: 3p.m. (2.45p.m for p.m/full day FS1 – additional details to be shared on play and stay days)

Please let us know of any new adults collecting yourchild/children.

All children from FS2, KS1 and KS2 will line up on the playground in the same positions, ready for departure.
Year 5 and 6 pupils who have been given permission to make the journey home alone, will leave first.
Children will be released as parents arrive.

We ask that all parents of FS2 and KS1 pupils stand in front of the relevant year group signs we have attached to the lower-playground fence. This will enable our staff to release childrenmore quickly.

If you are collecting your KS2 child from school, we ask that you queue to the left hand side of the school gate- following the line-up of our friendly road signs. As parents reach the gate from the queue, staff will call children to the gate from class lines. We ask that you make a quick exit, straight ahead and past the bungalows to avoid blocking pathways and entrances.
Please ensure a respectful distance between yourself and other parents.

During entry and exit times, staff will be unable to have lengthy conversations as they will need to supervise their classes. If youhave anything urgent you need to speak to us about, please contact us by telephone or by email.
ClassDojo messages will be picked up outside of teaching hours.Quick messages can be passed on to staff members manning the gates.

To ease congestion and ensure smooth arrivals and exits, we ask that only one parent is present.

Children do not need to wear masks/face coverings as they enter school. Face coverings used by pupils should be handed over to parents, please, prior to children entering the school gates.

Quick reminder…
Packed lunches from home should be brought in a labelled lunch-box/bag.
School lunches (grab-bags) will be prepared and delivered to classrooms by our  kitchen staff.

Any new medication should be passed to staff at the school gates,on arrival. Please ensure that we have the correct medication to enable us to keep your child safe in school i.e. emergency medication, including inhalers.

We are hoping that our plans go smoothly. It may take us a little longer to release pupils at the end of days in the first instance but this should become quicker after a few days of practice.

For the safety of all during this tricky time, please do not park on Greenfield Court or in the areas near the lower-playground school gates.

The weather is pretty awful outside …
Macs at the ready in the morning!

Have a lovely evening.

Mrs A