NEWS BULLETIN – Friday 4th September

Hello all,

We really enjoyed seeing everyone yesterday and getting back to some normality. The children were fabulous and settled nicely back into school – a super start. We look forward to meeting all our new Foundation Stagepupils in the next two weeks.

The staff have worked really hard to get everything in place for thenew start this week. We thank you for your support and well-wishes – a real boost in a tricky time.
Thank you so much for your patience while we too adjust to having the whole school return.
Considering we had 314 to invite into school and hand over to parents at the end of the day, I don’t think we did too badly. We are confident that the process will become smoother, now that the children know where they need to go and what to expect.
Yesterday was the first day back after a long break – much longer for some than others. It was also the first day in a new school for 19 pupils across the different year groups.
It was wonderful to be able to greet everyone yesterday and though this might have slowed down the process at times, it was(and continues to be) important to us to make our pupils feel welcome back to school and valued.

We have already discussed some things which should allow a quicker exit at the end of the day but we need everyone to follow the same actions, please.

Today, we ask that you follow the procedures below at the end the day to make it a safe and fair process for all.
*Collect your FS, Y1, Y2 and Y3 children from the lower playground first – this should shorten the queue, initially, at the upper playground gate. Join the back of the queue at the upper gate to collect your Y4, Y5 or Y6 child.

*When collecting children from the lower playground – please line up opposite your child’s class sign. Children on the lower playground will be handed over more quickly if you keep in the class lines.
We will not hand children over to parents who queue at the gate.
Staff will stand near the fence and call your child/children as theysee you in the line. When you see your child/children head to the gate, please leave the front of the line to collect them from the gate. Mrs Otter or another member of staff will be there to hand over. Please do not come to the gate unless you see your child heading towards it. If you have more than one child waiting on the lower playground, staff will collect siblings together and then hand them over from the gate when they see you.

When collecting from the upper playground gate, please queue tothe left as you did yesterday and walk past the bungalows on exit.We will only hand children over to parents who have joined the queue.

Many of you are allowing your older children to walk home alone.Please let class teachers know by messaging on ClassDojo, if this is the case. We will release children from the upper playground first, if they are making the journey on their own.

Thank you to all parents who have avoided parking in the roundabout area – this is especially important and helpful in keeping everyone safe. Never drop off your children in the middle of the road in the roundabout area- this is not safe practice.

We have received complaints about the parking from residents who live on Markfield Drive. Please help us to avoid unnecessary email streams, by parking away from residents’ driveways and entrances.

Thanks ever so much for your continued support – together we can make a difference.

Have a wonderful weekend!