Message to all parents…


Dear parents and carers,

As we come to the end of our 6th week of school closure, I would like to pass on my very best wishes to you and your families.Everyone’s circumstances are unique and I know that the previous weeks will not have been without challenges. I am certain that we will see a few more in the coming weeks and for this reason, I would like to reiterate the message that many of our teachers have passed on this week to parents, regarding the completion of work…
Whilst we have provided and will continue to provide a range of learning opportunities during the period of school closure, we truly appreciate that not all families will be able to manage the full range of what is listed and the many reasons for this. In times such as these, we all become vulnerable and many things becoming increasingly challenging – home-schooling is one of these things and many of the staff, including myself are no exception. Please do make contact with us – we are only too happy to help – and please don’t feel bad because you haven’t managed to do the suggested day’s learning. Something, every now and thenisbetter than nothing. Some days will be better than others. Be realistic to what is going on in your home on any given day.Physical and mental wellbeing is most important and needs protecting and placing too many demands upon ourselves is usually counter-productive.

Remember, you can get in touch with us through the followingchannels.
Main school email – Mrs Armitage/Mrs Mellor
If you need a listening ear – Mrs Armitage/Mrs Sheriff Mrs Otter –
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities information.

May I say how lovely it has been to see and hear of the wealth and range of communications between yourselves, your children and the staff. We are privileged to work with you all and fully appreciate the time you have taken to get in touch with us so far.

The same procedures will continue next week for collection of requested work packs/resources – please message class teachers so they can be sure that a pack will be available, should you need one.

Take care.

Julie Armitage