Message from Mrs Armitage…

Good evening everyone,
I hope you’ve had a lovely summer. We are looking forward to having all our pupils back in September and catching up with what they’ve been doing in the last 6 weeks.
I shall be sending out detailed information tomorrow to guide you through our plans and procedures for re-opening. As you will be aware, the government expect all pupils to return to school as it is now deemed safe to do so.
It was encouraging to see so many of our pupils during the last few weeks of term and to be able to carry through and support children with the procedures and routines, which will continue to be in place when they return in September. Having a goodnumber of our pupils back in school was definitely an advantage.
For valid reasons, several pupils were unable to attend school prior to the summer and I can fully understand that the return to school after many months might cause some apprehension. If this is something that you would like to discuss, please make contact with me at the usual email address so that I can give you a call this week.
Please also make contact if:
-Your child has had a recent medical assessment and we need to be aware of changes to medication/treatment.
-Your child is on the extremely vulnerable list.
-You and your child make the journey to school on public transport(even if it is only limited).
…so that we can refine our plans to keep your child and others safe.

Kind regards

Julie Armitage