Great Outdoors Month

It’s Great Outdoors Month so have a think about the questions below…


– Why do you think it is important for children to get outside and be active?

-How often do you play outside? Do you only play outside when the weather is good?

– Can you think of any outdoor games or activities that you can play no matter where you live?


During Great Outdoors Month, spend some time outside with your families (remember not to go anywhere by yourself or with friends at the minute). You could always keep a record of your outdoor adventures, such as a photograph, a recount or a drawn picture, before sharing it with your teacher on Dojo.

Remember that it’s fine to get muddy and wet or scrape your knees, but it’s not fine to do something unsafe, something that would harm the environment or something that would upset others.

Have fun but be safe!

Mrs Cartledge x