Gallery Year 1W


This term we have had a 'Bake Off' with Mrs Brock's class. Children designed and made their own pizza and wrote instructions for another child to see if they could create it. Everyone tasted different toppings and decided on their favourite. The most popular was definitely pepperoni! When both classes had made their pizza, children had to choose their favourite to see who won the 'Bake Off'. Here are a few pictures of their pizza making experience.



World Book Day!

Can you guess who some of our class came dressed as for World Book Day?

We loved designing and creating our own sock toys. We had some very interesting and creative ideas!


We had an amazing time on our trip to Eureka! We had the chance to act out real life situations and discovered lots of interesting facts about our bodies. We even played in the sandpit because it was such a sunny day. Here are some photos of our experiences.

We found it so exciting taking part in a 'smell' and 'taste' test. We predicted smells and tastes and then checked how accurate we were. There were lots of lovely smells and lots of 'disgusting smells'.