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Y5 Book recommendations

Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell


Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll








The Explorer by Katherine Rundell


Who let the Gods Out by Maz Evans














Separating Mixture in our Science

We have been learning about how we can separate mixtures through sieving. We have also conducted an investigation to see which substances dissolve to form a solution.


We love problem solving and had lots of fun trying to ‘Crack the Code’!

We used digit cards to help us to crack the code. This allowed us to move the numbers around when we found that they didn’t fit the criteria of the problem.

We found that there were a number of different ways this problem could be achieved.

We tried to find as many different possible ways as we could.


We have been trying out some new ways to try and remember our Y5/6 spelling words. Why not ask us about some of the strategies that we have learnt so far.