FS2- Home learning

Hello FS2, we hope you have all had a good Easter Break.

Every week on our individual class pages, Miss Leivers and Mrs Otter will be posting a timetable of maths activities to complete with your child. We will also be giving out a writing task each weekWe will write an example and post them on our class Dojo page. It would be a nice opportunity for you to show your child our modeled write and then you could post a picture of their writing.

As well as the above, we ask you to please ensure you are asking your child to read to you, whether it be school reading books or home reading books. Make sure you are asking questions to your child about the book they have read so you can gather their understanding of the text. Similarly, please ensure you are working with your child to recap the sounds they have on their keyrings but also the spellings they have in their zippy wallet.
A sheet was also provided with high common frequency words children will be expected to know and learn to help them in Year 1. These are in fact the spellings we give out when doing spellings each week with your child.  We do advise you to look at one set at a time and only move onto the next set when you feel your child can say, read and write them independently. For those children who are familiar with the spellings given, try to encourage your child to write simple sentences with those words in.


Miss Leivers & Mrs Otter 🙂 x