Flanderwell Primary School



THANK YOU to all parents/carers for your patience at the end of the day today. End of day exit from the hall was the best option for us, considering the amount of surface water on the playgrounds and around classroom exit doors.

We are aware that many of our pupils missed their flu vaccination today but we have been assured by professionals that there will be a catch-up clinic in the locality. It may also be possible to reschedule the vaccinations, in school,  for another day, depending upon how many pupils missed out.

We shall be opening school as usual tomorrow morning but will need children to access school via different entrances. 

Pupils in the Foundation Stage – Mrs Coleman’s,  Miss Leivers’ and Mrs Otter’s pupils – may gain access to their classrooms with their parents, via the side car park gate.

Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils should arrive at the hall exit doors, where they will be met be their classroom staff and taken to their classrooms.

Unless school makes contact to say otherwise, collection of pupils should be from the same locations, as above.

Kind regards

Mrs Armitage