Flanderwell Primary School


All children from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 2 qualify for ‘UNIVERSAL’ free school meals. This means ‘all’ children in these year groups, regardless of family income, receive their school meals, free of charge. This is not the same as ‘free school meals’ determined by income and does not come with additional funding to benefit a child while they are in school. If you know you would qualify for ‘non-universal’ (income related free school meals), please let the school office know or make contact with Rotherham Council, who will pass on forms for you to complete. A successful application will enable families to access funded school visits, uniform items, extra-curricular clubs etc. We are happy to help families complete a paper or online application.

For further information, including online application forms, follow the link. https://www.rotherham.gov.uk/info/200008/benefits_and_support/104/apply_for_free_school_meals