Foundation 1

foundation 1

Busy Bees

Class Teacher:    Mrs.Coleman

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs.Hawksworth






Welcome to FS1 and the Busy Bees.

In FS1 we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. There are 7 areas of learning in this curriculum, these are:

Communication and language, Physical development, Personal, social and emotional development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Our doors open at 8.45am/12.15pm where children are encouraged to do a busy activity that is set out on the tables for them. This could be drawing a picture, doing a puzzle, letter and number formation or sharing a book.

The children are then called to the carpet at 9.00am ready for the register to be taken. Together we sing the days of the week song and complete our daily calendar on the interactive whiteboard.

Each morning we have a short focused input relating to the learning of the week, and then the children are encouraged to go and get busy in the different learning environments around the classroom. Whilst the children are engage in self chosen learning, staff members will work with small groups of children on a focused activity or in the learning environment. This enables the staff to gain further understanding of the children’s development and understanding.

We have an open classroom door where learning can take place both indoors and outdoors with the child making the choice.

During the morning session we encourage the children to be independent as much as possible and this also extends to them having their own area to keep tidy.

Each child has a key worker allocated who is always available to talk about your child’s development.


We are working hard on learning our sounds.  Please click here to find out the order we are learning these.

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