Y6 Parents – WSSC Transition Information

Good afternoon,

I know many of you, both parents and children have many questions in regards to the transition to WSSC. We have been contacted by the Head of Y7 who has put some videos together to hopefully answer any questions you or the children may have. These can be found on our Y6 class pages for you to view. Any further updates or links we receive will also be added to the class pages under the heading ‘WSSC Transition Information.’


Mrs Cartledge and Mrs Cooper

Letter for all Y6 parents.

Good afternoon,

Please find below a letter for all Y6 parents regarding our ideas for a Y6 leavers DVD for our 2019/2020 cohort.

Y6 Leavers DVD Letter – 11th June

We hope you are all safe and well.

Mrs Cartledge and Mrs Cooper X

World Oceans Day!

World Oceans Day takes place in June every year! It’s a chance for all of us to think about why oceans are important, and how we can help look after them. People all over the world take part by planning events to help raise awareness of the importance of World Oceans Day.


Questions to think about…

Whose job is it to look after our seas and oceans?

Do you know why seas and oceans are important to all of us?

Can you guess how plastic and oil end up in the ocean and what effect they might have when there?


So…how can we help? 

Problem – Huge amounts of rubbish end up in our seas and oceans, damaging marine life and polluting the water.

Solutions – Take litter home after a visit to the beach (leave only your footprints).

                                                                  – Don’t flush plastic items down the toilet.

                                                                  – Recycle and reuse.

Enjoy discussing these questions with your grown ups and think about how you can help keep our oceans and seas safe.

Mrs Cartledge X

Great Outdoors Month

It’s Great Outdoors Month so have a think about the questions below…


– Why do you think it is important for children to get outside and be active?

-How often do you play outside? Do you only play outside when the weather is good?

– Can you think of any outdoor games or activities that you can play no matter where you live?


During Great Outdoors Month, spend some time outside with your families (remember not to go anywhere by yourself or with friends at the minute). You could always keep a record of your outdoor adventures, such as a photograph, a recount or a drawn picture, before sharing it with your teacher on Dojo.

Remember that it’s fine to get muddy and wet or scrape your knees, but it’s not fine to do something unsafe, something that would harm the environment or something that would upset others.

Have fun but be safe!

Mrs Cartledge x

Mental Health Week

Hello Everyone!

As many of you may know this week is ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ and at such a difficult time for us all we often forget how important it is to think about our mental health. 

The theme this year is ‘Kindness’ and I couldn’t have picked something more appropriate for this time especially as we are all seeing so many acts of kindness around us every day such as Colonel Tom Moore and his amazing fundraising or the kindness shown every day by strangers supporting those more vulnerable than themselves. 

A quote from the Mental Health Foundation sums up perfectly why Kindness in society is so important,

“We have chosen kindness because of its singular ability to unlock our shared humanity. Kindness strengthens relationships, develops community and deepens solidarity. It is a cornerstone of our individual and collective mental health. Wisdom from every culture across history recognises that kindness is something that all human beings need to experience and practise to be fully alive.”

Within school, we actively encourage children to show kindness to others and promote it within our classrooms, assemblies and every day school life. We would love to see or hear from you about acts of kindness that you have committed, you have witness or that someone has done for you 🙂 

We are all here to support you through this journey, we want to ensure that we do everything we can to encourage positive well being among both our pupils and their families. We are here to listen any time. 

I have also attached a few resources and links to websites to encourage children and adults to take that time to focus on their mental well being. 

Keep safe and keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Kendrick 



‘Well Being Journal, there is a page for each day and one for older children (7-11) and younger children (5-7). 

It may be a nice idea for children to express their feelings and take a moment to reflect their thoughts and feelings 🙂

Yoga Cards



Ideas to create positive mental well- being for everyone aged 0-99

Website links

Mindfulness Music for meditation and relaxation

National Smile Month

It’s ‘National Smile Month’ so get those smiley faces ready! 

Did you know that smiling is good for you?

Smiling can:
• make you feel happy

• make other people like and trust you more

• make you look better

• help keep you calm

• make other people smile and feel happy too


Interesting fact You use fewer muscles to smile than you do to frown (43 to frown, 17 to smile). So, go on, turn that frown upside down!


So let’s think about ways we can celebrate National Smile Month.

We could:
• try to make someone smile every day

• take the two-minute challenge at home, every time you brush your teeth

• eat less sugary foods and drink sugar-free drinks for a whole month

• take a ‘smile selfie’ and send it to your teacher on Dojo


I would like you to have a think about what makes you smile? Then share your ideas with your families. Do the same things make you all smile?


Stay safe and keep on smiling.

Mrs Cartledge x

Happy Easter Y6!

Hi Y6, 

We have added a few little Easter tasks on our web pages for you in case you need something to keep you busy over Easter. Remember you can always log onto Reflex Maths, TT Rockstars, Read Theory and Active Learn as well. Make sure you get out in the garden and enjoy some time with your families too! 

Have a lovely two weeks and we’ll be in touch soon. 

Mrs C and Mrs C 


p.s. Don’t eat too much chocolate! 😉


Whilst the sun shines, why not try some shadow art? Be creative. Save your pictures as Mrs Catto and  Mrs Shepherd would love to see them. 

Learning French at Home

Throughout KS2 we study French as our Modern Foreign Language. Unfortunately you are not able to access our school scheme of work/resources at home but below is a list of websites where children can access teaching videos and resources.

I hope you find these useful.

Mrs Cartledge 🙂