Autumn 1




'Under The Sea'






In Autumn 1, once we have completed our baseline assessments and settled children into Foundation Stage 2 with our short focus on 'All About Me', our class project will focus on life 'Under the Sea'.

IMG_2089Here Children learn lots of interesting and exciting facts around many sea creatures such as sharks, bottle nose dolphins, seahorse, eels, giant Pacific octopus, clown fish, sea turtles and the blue whale. The children of Dynamic Dragons will know so much information about these creatures, you will be staggered by their knowledge! Please ask your child at home to give your some 'facts' about these sea creates or to play the sea creature guessing game 'What Am I?' (trust me, they will know what you mean if you ask ;p).

Work around this topic will also see children writing sea creature fact files in literacy, sea creature observational drawings, sea turtle model making, rock pool explorations and via topic links children will explore the number system involving recognising and ordering numerals to 10 then 20, matching numerals to their amounts and finding one more/less than a number. So much learning!IMG_2070

Alongside this we will also be focussing on the fictional story for the topic 'The Rainbow Fish', where we will be examining the traits and characteristics of the key characters in the story, namely the Rainbow Fish. The children will create Rainbow Fish character profiles, describing his character before and after he gave away his scales. Children will also take part in bubble wrap/colour mixing Rainbow Fish artwork and PSE activity involving the concept 'I would give my scale to… and why'.

IMG_2090Our class topic will be concluded with an enriching trip to 'The Deep' in Hull, whereby children are able to put into effect their acquired knowledge on the subject of sea creatures, making me so very proud. Last year, The staff at 'The Deep' commented on the depth of children's knowledge and were mightly impressed  as children made comments such as 'the clown fish can hide in the sea anemone without being stung because they cover themselves in a special mucus'. Samples of  last years photos from this exciting class topic can be seen embedded in this web page. (To be updated  with new entry) Well done Dynamic Dragons…your are FAB!