Year 5H

year 5


Class Teacher: Mrs Hales 

Teaching Assistant: Ms Ford


About us!

           Mrs Hales                                          Ms Ford

         My Favourites                                     My Favourites

Likes: Being outside in the sunshine      Likes: Gym and eating out

Dislikes: Mosquitos                               Dislikes: Flies (they get on everything!)

Colour: Orange                                      Colour: Orange

Hobby: Walking and family time            Hobby: Designning (anything!)

Food: Butter fudge (I just love it!)       Food: Desserts (I've got a sweet tooth!)

Drink: Yorkshire Tea with honey           Drink: Chilled Chardonnay

Restaurant: Zumegas                            Restaurant: Any (as long as it's nice!)

Book: The Prisoner of Azkaban             Book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Sport: Rugby                                         Sport: Swimming

Film: Jumanji                                         Film: Mrs Doubtfire

TV Programme: Game of Thrones          TV Programme: Escape to the Country


****Key Information****

P.E. Days Monday and Friday. Please ensure that your child comes with a full P.E kit on both days, for indoor and outdoor P.E. This half term we will be learning football and hockey skills, so both P.E. sessions will take place outside. 


Homework – Set on Friday and is to be returned by Wednesday of the following week. 

Spelling – We are continuing to follow the RWI spelling scheme. Please look in your child's Spelling Log to see the spelling rule for the week. Y5H will also be sent home a 'Spelling Menu' to help them to practice their spellings in different ways. Your child will be tested on their weekly spellings every Monday, after we have completed our weekly spelling lessons. 


Times Tables – By year 5 all the times tables are expected to be known by heart up to 12 x 12, although it is extremely beneficial that children continue to practice their multiplication tables because in year 5 we rely heavily on this knowledge to support other areas of our mathematical learning. 


Reading – All reading diaries will need to be present in school every day. As a school we are continuing with our 'Reading Race Track'. Children will have the opportunity to choose a book from our extensive classroom library that they would like to read. Please record any readings that they do at home in their reading diaries, even if it is not reading a school book. Examples of your child reading could be; an instruction manual for a game, a favourite magazine, a recipe for baking etc. 

Active Learn – You can still practice you maths skills on active learn, these will be updated once a mathematical concept has been taught in class. The web address for this is 

****Autumn 1 Topic****

This term we will learn about Earth, its atmosphere and the stars and planet that surround us. We will visit the National Space Centre at the beginning of the topic, to really get a feel for what we are about the learn. Watch the SPACE in our gallery to keep updated with photos of our visits and learning. 




Click on the newspaper to view Y5H's curriculum overview. 


****Important Dates****

14.09.17 – Y5 visit to the National Space Centre – please arrive at school for 8:20am

28.09.17 – Y5 Welcome meeting for parents 5:15pm






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