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Celebrating our Autumn 1 Term

We have produced some fantastic work this term and Mrs Hales has been extremely proud to display it in the classroom and around school. Roll on next half term!

Practical Maths 25.10.17

In Maths, we have been learning how to find the change from a given amount. Mrs Hales gave us a mammoth task to help her plan Archie's birthday party. We had a list of criteria for the food that we needed to order. We used the Morrisons brochure to find different party food to include at Archie's birthday party. The problem that we faced was that therewas a certain amount of people to feed (adults and children) and we only had a budget of £60! It was a tricky one, but we all collaborated well and we think we've pulled it off!


Alien Egg! 13.10.17








Mrs Hales found a mysterious egg in  her garden while on PPA with Miss Cross. They had to contact the police to report what they had found. 


Alongside the alien egg was cuttings of plant samples and a water sample. We studied these in our class and decided to write a letter to the Ministry of Alienology, to help us  figure out where the egg had come from and why it is here. 


Professor Payne, who is from the Ministry of Alienology, came to discuss with us about our discovery. She explained that we are not to be worried and in fact this finding is quite a momentous milestone in Scientific history. 

We discussed why aliens might want to invade Earth and why Earth is such a great planet. 


Y5 have learnt about what aliens look like and what their different mannerisms couold be. 


We weighed the egg to see if it had grown. 


We also learnt that aliens communicate through reading minds, so of course we had to have ago for ourselves! Obviously we can all read minds within 30 seconds of trying!


Election Day! 05.10.17

The big day has arrived. We all went into the school hall to cast our votes for our class representative for the Pupil Leadership Team. 


Super Solar Science Investigating!

After waiting for what seemed like forever, we finally have a sunny day to complete our Science investigation. 

We wanted to find out if the Earth moved? 

Every hour, we tood measurements of the length of the shadow of a runders post and also measured the angle of how much the shadow had moved. This is the first time we have used a protractor, so it was quite exciting to take these measurements. 



Back in the classroom we wrote up our investigations of what we had found out. 


We love problem solving and had lots of fun trying to 'Crack the Code'!

We used digit cards to help us to crack the code. This allowed us to move the numbers around when we found that they didn't fit the criteria of the problem.  


We found that there were a number of different ways this problem could be achieved. 


We tried to find as many different possible ways as we could. 









National Space Centre

Year 5H LOVED their visit to the National Space Centre.


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